5 Dental Concerns That Crowns Resolve

Do you have a problem with a specific tooth that has become cracked or weakened? Does it make you self-conscious or concerned about further problems down the road? A crown can address these dental issues — and more.

The team at Fresh Dental Care offers customized dental crowns to help save a tooth or beautify your smile. Here, we’ve collected five of the most common dental concerns that crowns can help to resolve. 

The lowdown on crowns 

If you need a dental crown, it’s important to understand what this treatment entails and how it’s done. A dental crown is a porcelain cap placed over your natural tooth. It’s shaped and colored to fit in with the surrounding teeth. Dental crowns can last as long as 20 years if well maintained.  

The procedure requires two visits to our office. At the first visit, we remove any decaying matter, reshape the tooth to prepare it for the permanent crown, and place a temporary crown.

At the second visit, we put the permanent crown in place. While you still need to take good care of your teeth afterward, a crown helps to resolve the common dental problems listed below, which run the gamut from cosmetic to health-related. 

1. Weakened teeth 

If you have a tooth that was weakened as the result of improper dental care, physical damage to the tooth, or another problem, a dental crown can be a healthy and effective solution for strengthening the tooth.

At Fresh Dental Care, we can place a crown over a weakened tooth to help protect it from getting worse. This procedure also protects the surrounding teeth from experiencing similar damage or infection as a result of your damaged tooth. 

2. Unstable teeth due to a necessary procedure

Sometimes, a filling isn’t enough to stabilize a tooth damaged by a cavity — if the filling is very large, for example. The same can be true of a tooth that has undergone a root canal. In many cases, we recommend having a tooth capped in order to protect and strengthen it after a procedure that leaves it healthier but weakened. 

3. Part of a dental bridge or implant 

In the same vein, certain dental procedures use a dental crown to support or enhance the restoration. For example, you might need to have a dental bridge put in place if you’re missing one or more teeth, and a traditional bridge requires putting in two dental crowns to anchor the bridge on either side of the gap.

If you choose to get a dental implant, which is a permanent replacement tooth root for a lost or destroyed tooth, a prosthetic dental crown is attached to it to fill the gap and complete your smile. 

4. Misshapen or cracked teeth 

You might have a tooth (or more than one) that simply makes you feel self-conscious. While you may not experience health problems from a tooth that’s shaped strangely or that you cracked as a child, but it could be affecting how much you love your own smile.

A dental crown is a cost-effective way to cover the tooth and make it look more like the rest of your smile so you can enjoy showing off those pearly whites! 

5. Discolored teeth 

Another reason you might get a dental crown is if you have one or more teeth that are discolored, either from a health issue, from trauma, or for another reason, which could be impairing your ability to embrace your smile.

You might choose to have a dental crown put in if this problem cannot be solved by teeth whitening or if it’s only affecting one or a few of your teeth. Our custom dental crowns are made to look as white and attractive as natural teeth. 

Find out how a dental crown can help your smile

If you’re struggling with one of the many issues dental crowns can solve, it’s time to book an appointment and get started on restoring your smile. Call Fresh Dental Care at one of our three Houston, Texas, offices today!

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