Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

It’s difficult to feel your most confidence when you have dull or yellow teeth. And it’s easy for teeth to lose their luster, even with diligent brushing and flossing habits. 

Fortunately, you can correct this problem when brushing alone falls short. However, before you turn to risky or ineffective over-the-counter products, talk to your dentist about professional teeth whitening solutions.

Our skilled team at Fresh Dental Care relies on Philips Zoom® teeth whitening treatments to whiten and brighten smiles in Houston, Texas. If you’re looking to restore your smile’s dazzle, here’s what you need to know about the benefits of professional teeth whitening.

Understanding tooth discoloration

Your teeth can turn yellow, brown, or gray for several reasons. The most common involves the beverages you drink and the foods you eat. Think of it this way: If something like tea, red wine, or coffee can stain your clothes, it's safe to assume that it can stain your teeth, too.

Other things that can cause discolored teeth include:

It’s also common for teeth to turn yellow as you get older. That’s because tooth enamel — the top, white layer of your teeth — thins over time. When this happens, it reveals your teeth’s dentin, the yellow layer underneath the enamel. 

Getting results with teeth whitening

There’s a dizzying array of teeth whitening solutions — from whitening toothpaste and whitening strips to mass-produced whitening trays. Most whitening products work by applying a bleaching solution to the outermost layer of your teeth. 

While you can get results with many of these products, you should always consult your dentist first. It’s crucial to address any underlying dental issues like cavities or gum disease before starting teeth whitening treatment. On top of that, not all products work on all types of tooth discoloration.

To get the safest and most reliable results, our team recommends professional teeth whitening with Zoom. Not only does this option permeate your enamel to bleach away deep discoloration, but it also provides even more natural-looking results.

Zoom can make your teeth up to eight shades lighter. Plus, you can still do these professional-grade whitening treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Whitening your teeth with Zoom

It only takes two visits to get you on your path to brighter and whiter teeth with Zoom. 

During your first appointment, we perform a comprehensive exam to check for underlying dental issues. Then we take an impression of your teeth to make custom-molded bleaching trays.

When you come back for your second visit, we test the fit of your bleaching trays and provide detailed instructions on your professional home-bleaching program. 

To transform your smile with Zoom, you either wear your bleaching trays twice a day for 30 minutes or use them overnight. Depending on your goals and the level of staining, it can take a few weeks of daily treatments to achieve the best results. 

Do you want whiter teeth and a more dazzling smile? The team at Fresh Dental Care can help. Call one of our convenient Houston locations to schedule an appointment today.

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