How to Care for Your Braces

Braces are a long-term investment in your dental health. Aside from fixing cosmetic issues such as misalignments, orthodontic treatment also reduces your chances of early tooth decay and jaw pain. 

But how do you make sure you protect your investment? By avoiding cavities and trauma to your mouth, you can prevent having to replace wires, bands, and brackets.

Below, our staff at Fresh Dental Care explains how you can take care of your braces and keep your costs low.

Avoid hard foods 

Hard foods, including nuts, raw carrots, apples, chips, pretzels, and candy, can cause wires to snap or cause the bracket to separate from the tooth. 

Avoid foods and beverages high in sugar or in starch, as the bad bacteria in your mouth, the one responsible for cavities, feeds on sugar and starch

So what can you eat? Consider softer foods such as yogurt, soft cheeses, seafood, and cooked vegetables. Also, opt for ground meat or meat that doesn’t require a lot of chewing. 

Clean your teeth and gums thoroughly 

Compared to brushing and flossing before wearing braces, brushing and flossing while wearing braces is a bit more complicated and time-consuming. 

Before you start, take off all of the removable parts of your braces and brush from the top to the bottom of each tooth. Brush each tooth individually, and make sure the tips of the toothbrush bristles also touch the brace wires. 

When you’re done with your teeth, move to your gums, and gently brush your gum line to remove any plaque or debris. 

You can develop cavities regardless of your brushing habits, but you can have fillings done during the orthodontic treatment as well.

Protect your teeth and braces while playing sports 

Braces are made from a sturdy material that’s capable of applying enough pressure to move your teeth. However, a blow to your mouth during a game or a practice is enough to damage the brackets. 

Mouthguards provide a barrier between external forces and your teeth and gums. For a better fit, ask your dental provider about how you can get a customized mouthguard.

Learn more about straightening your teeth 

Do you have a smile that’s less than perfect? Perhaps you hide your smile or have a hard time keeping your teeth clean because of crowding. 

Regardless of your orthodontic issue, our staff can help. Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Houston, Texas.

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