Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Why Alignment Matters

The technical name for teeth that don’t quite line up properly is malocclusion. Correct alignment (occlusion) means that your teeth fit in your mouth without crowding or space problems. When you bite down, your upper teeth slightly overlap your lower teeth, and your molars fit together when you have proper occlusion. 

If your dentist tells you that you have a malocclusion, it could mean many different things. You may have an overbite or an underbite, or maybe your molars don’t fit together as they should. You may have a tooth or teeth that have rotated and don’t face the proper direction. 

The dentists at Fresh Dental Care are experts at recognizing and correcting malocclusion. Whether it’s you or your child, we offer comprehensive orthodontic care, including an array of types of braces

Poor alignment and gum disease

Numerous problems can result from malocclusion. One of the most common is the development of periodontal disease. When your teeth don’t align properly, or you have spacing issues, good dental hygiene can be difficult. 

You may have issues brushing or flossing, for example. Not brushing or flossing effectively allows for the buildup of plaque, which is the primary cause of gum disease. 

Gum disease begins with gingivitis, which is inflammation of your gums. Gingivitis that goes untreated usually progresses to periodontitis. The plaque that builds up on your teeth contains bacteria that can become infected, leading to loss of teeth, and in some cases even spreads to your bones. 

Malocclusion and wear and tear

When your teeth are aligned badly, they can wear in ways that cause damage. Each time you bite or chew, your teeth meet each other. When that meeting is not well-aligned, you may be slowly damaging your teeth. 

Eventually, malocclusion can lead to a cracked or broken tooth, which can open the door to infection. Not only are you more vulnerable to infection when you have a cracked tooth, you may experience pain! 

Alignment and self-confidence

If you’re not comfortable with how your teeth look, you probably don’t smile as often. Your smile is an incredibly powerful tool in how the world sees you, and if you’re not confident about yours, chances are it’s hurting you in ways you don’t even realize. 

In your professional life, you may not be making the right connections. You may find it difficult to interact with others in social situations. Feeling confident allows you to present your true self to the world, and that’s critically important. 

If you’d like to learn more about the options available for correcting malocclusion, as well as how having straight teeth could impact your health, book an appointment at Fresh Dental Care today. 

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