What to Do When a Crown Falls Out

What to Do When a Crown Falls Out

Dental problems are very common, and things like dental caries, tooth decay, mouth injuries, and periodontitis (gum disease) can lead to needing ways to protect or replace teeth. Dental crowns are frequently used to help cover and support teeth, protect cracked, weakened, or teeth filled after root canals, fill in gaps, or cover misshapen or discolored teeth. 

These crowns are designed to last for years, but that doesn’t always happen. If your tooth becomes dislodged or falls out, you’ll need to know how to protect it until you can get help. Let’s explore how to deal with this by examining why a crown may fall out, what you should do when it happens, and what your next appointment will be like.

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Reasons a dental crown may fall out

Several factors can lead to problems with your crown, such as:

How to manage the situation

Regardless of why it fell out, here’s what you need to do:

Make an appointment

Each step you need to take with your crown is only until you can get back to your dentist and have them reinsert or replace it, depending on why it fell out in the first place.

Preserve the crown

Recover the crown once it has fallen out and clean it off.  The crown must be sterile whether you need to attempt reinsertion or wait to get to the dentist.


If your dentist suggests reinserting it before the appointment, you can purchase dental cement over the counter at your local pharmacy. Gently clean the crown with your toothpaste, apply the glue, and try to place it back in your mouth. If it doesn’t stay, wait until you get to your next appointment.

Avoid chewing with the crown

If you can place it back in, be sure to avoid using that part of your mouth when chewing food. If you can’t replace it, avoid that part of your mouth to prevent further irritation and pain.

In general, be careful about your dental care while waiting to get back to your dentist because the crown falling out is likely to be painful and irritating. Avoid foods that require heavy amounts of chewing, be gentle when brushing the rest of your teeth, and avoid doing too much with the affected side of your mouth.

Your next appointment

When you return for your next visit, the dislodged crown and the site it fell from will need to be examined to review your options and determine the next course of action. If everything still looks good in both, reinserting the crown is likely, though replacing it is also an option. If your tooth was damaged, it may need to be filled and covered with a new crown. If this happens, you will get a temporary crown until a permanent one can be made.

So, options are available if your tooth had other underlying problems, complications in placing your crown, or if it falls out. Make an appointment with the team at Fresh Dental today to treat your dental issues, including crown repair and replacement.

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