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Why You Should Never Ignore a Missing Tooth

You’re playing a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee with your buddies. Your teammate throws you a fast one and you sprint, jump, and reach for it. But the next thing you know, you’re on the ground holding your precious front tooth in the palm of your hand. Yikes. 

Many of you have experienced a similar scenario. Things like that usually happen to kids, but anyone — children and adults alike — is at risk of losing a tooth. Blunt force isn’t the only reason teeth to fall out, either: Poor dental hygiene can put you at risk for missing teeth, too. 

Most people aren’t tempted to ignore a missing tooth, but just in case you were wondering if you could get away with it, our dental experts at Fresh Dental Care explain why you should never ignore a missing tooth.

Why do teeth fall out?

Teeth can fall out for many reasons, ranging from infection to injury. Some common culprits include: 

Consequences of a missing tooth

You might think that a missing tooth doesn’t present any real consequences — other than aesthetic changes, that is. But the truth is, a missing tooth can lead to all sorts of physical and emotional health complications

Physical complications of a missing tooth include: 

Emotional complications of a missing tooth include:

How soon do I need to replace a missing tooth?

You should replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. The longer you leave your tooth socket and tooth root exposed, the greater the potential for complications becomes. Our team at Fresh Dental Care allotts some time each day for emergency appointments, so don’t hesitate to call one of our Houston offices as soon as you lose a tooth. 

What can I do about a missing tooth?

As scary as a missing tooth might seem, take comfort in knowing that you have many tooth replacement options. Fresh Dental Care offers the following treatment options for missing teeth. 

Dental implants

The most extensive of tooth replacement options, dental implants involve attaching a titanium rod to your jawbone, allowing it to fuse, and then topping it off with a dental abutment and crown. Implants are considered the sturdiest and most permanent way to replace teeth. We’ll help you learn how to adjust to dental implants

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges work together to restore your beautiful smile. A bridge anchors to two of your natural teeth (one on each side of the missing tooth) and is cemented into place in the empty spot. We then attach crowns (porcelain false teeth) to mimic the appearance of your real teeth. 

If you have a missing tooth, call the Fresh Dental Care office closest to you to schedule an appointment right away. 

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