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Alvin Nguyen, DDS

“I treat every patient as if they were my own family. It is a privilege to be your dentist.”

Dr. Alvin Nguyen smiling at the Fresh Dental Care dental office while crossing his arms

Fresh Dental Care proudly presents Dr. Alvin Nguyen, DDS, a compassionate and dedicated dentist with a mission to transform smiles and enhance overall health. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Dr. Nguyen developed a profound passion for healthcare early on. His journey into dentistry was sparked by experiences in various dental offices, where he witnessed the transformative impact oral care could have on people’s lives.

A little bit more about him:

In his free time, Dr. Nguyen maintains a healthy lifestyle by working out at the gym. Family is at the core of his joy, as he enjoys quality moments with his wife and 3-year-old daughter. A sports enthusiast, he passionately supports Houston teams like the Rockets, Texans, and Astros. Dr. Nguyen draws inspiration from his parents, considering them heroes due to their resilience and positive outlook, which shaped his values and drive for success.

Nagini Misala, DMD

“I tell my patients to calm down, relax, and watch a movie while you’re in the chair. It lightens their mood and keeps them stress-free.”

Dr. Nagini Misala is a multilingual dentist born and raised in southern India (she is Fluent in English, Hindi, and Telegu). She loves changing her patients’ lives by improving their smiles. She was always curious about science and art from a young age and chose dentistry as it blends both, and is always eager to learn! Some more facts about her:

Outside of work, Dr. Misala cherishes time with family, enjoying moments with a son, daughter, and their playful dog, Julie. Long drives with her husband are a favorite pastime. Beyond dentistry, an interesting fact is Dr. Misala’s culinary skills, which include excelling in cooking delicious Indian dishes.

Dr. Nagini Misala smiling

Quoc-Thang Lam, DDS

“I always treat others how I want to be treated.”
Dr. Quoc-Thang Lam smiling with his arms crossed

Dr. Quoc-Thang Lam is a dedicated dentist hailing from San Jose, CA. Known for providing instant gratification through skillful dental fixes, Dr. Lam is described by patients as patient, empathetic, and an excellent listener with a knack for problem-solving. His philosophy revolves around treating others as he wishes to be treated.

Outside of the dental chair, Dr. Lam finds joy in family time, traveling, and exploring diverse culinary experiences. His hero, Bruce Lee, inspires Dr. Lam with traits like motivation, determination, and relentless pursuit of goals. The best day of his life was the magical moment when his kids were born. An interesting fact about Dr. Lam – he has been cutting his own hair since his teenage years.

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Richard Diaz, DDS

“What can I do for you today?”

Dr. Richard Diaz, originally from Cuba, brings over five years of dental experience, including practicing in Cuba and Venezuela before establishing himself in the United States. His passion for dentistry has flourished, driven by a deep-seated desire to help others, inspired by his mother, the first dentist in the family. With a commitment to patient satisfaction, Dr. Diaz sees the best part of his job in providing patients with the smiles they have long desired.

When not transforming smiles, Dr. Diaz finds joy in spending quality time with his family, enjoying days at the park, and exploring new restaurants. A fitness enthusiast, he frequents the gym and unwinds by listening to music. Dr. Diaz’s hero is his mother, whose guidance has been instrumental in shaping him both as a person and as a dentist. The best days of his life were the births of his daughters. An interesting fact about Dr. Diaz is that reading a good book can keep him awake the whole night.

Dr. Richard Diaz smiling

Amna Imram, DDS

“I try to understand the concerns and expectations of the patients, empathize with them, and be understanding.”
Dr. Amna Imram one of our Fresh Dental dentists smiling with his arms crossed

Dr. Amna Imran, originally from Karachi, Pakistan, moved to the United States in 2014. Dr. Imran’s journey in dentistry began as a Dental Assistant in 2004-2005, sparking her enthusiasm and motivation for the dental profession. Patients describe Dr. Imran as a doctor with soft and gentle hands, characterized by a swift yet compassionate approach. The best part of her job is making people smile, relieving their pain, and boosting their confidence.

Outside of crafting smiles, Dr. Imran finds joy in spending time with family, traveling, cooking, baking, reading, and enjoying a good movie. Her teachers are her heroes, providing inspiration both professionally and personally. An interesting fact about Dr. Imran is that she considers herself a calm and patient person, qualities that contribute to being a good listener and, in turn, a good wife.

Tam Duong, DDS

“I understand that your smile is a significant aspect of your identity, and I am here to listen, guide, and provide the best possible orthodontic care tailored to your unique needs."

Dr. Tam Duong, DDS, a Vietnamese-born orthodontist with many awards and publications, completed an orthodontic residency program at UCLA in 2023. Driven by a passion for positive transformations, Dr. Duong finds inspiration in his patients’ smiles and self-esteem, aiming to deliver the highest standard of care. Patients describe Dr. Duong as attentive, empathetic, and dedicated, with a commitment to ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout their orthodontic journey.

Outside of crafting smiles, Dr. Duong enjoys playing tennis for fitness and cherishing moments with his family, creating lasting memories. His hero, Rafael Nadal, symbolizes resilience and excellence with unparalleled passion and unwavering determination on the tennis court. Dr. Duong considers the orthodontics acceptance day as the best day of his life, and an interesting fact is that he plays competitive tennis and achieved 2nd place in junior college in California.

Dr. Tam Duong
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