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Dental bridges help fill in the gap left when you’ve lost teeth or had to have teeth pulled. Bridges can restore your ability to speak and chew normally, and boost your confidence. The team at Fresh Dental Care is experienced in creating dental bridges and restoring your smile. For a consultation about how a bridge can help you, call one of their three convenient office locations in the Houston area, or schedule an appointment online.

Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a permanent dental appliance made of false teeth that bridge the gap between natural teeth. This is used when you’re missing one or more teeth in a row or near each other.

A bridge consists of an appliance, usually made of metal, which holds one or more false teeth and which anchor to two of your natural teeth. A crown is placed on your two natural teeth to strengthen and support the anchoring teeth. The bridge is cemented into the space made by your missing teeth, restoring the appearance of your smile.

A traditional fixed bridge — the most common type of bridge — is made of porcelain false teeth and crowns, as porcelain is durable and looks most like your natural teeth. A dental bridge should last many years but may need to be re-secured or replaced due to normal wear-and-tear over time.

Why do I need a bridge?

A fixed bridge protects the space that’s made by missing teeth. When you have teeth missing, it can cause problems with speaking, chewing, and eating and may cause damage to your other teeth.

Benefits of a bridge include:

  • Prevents teeth from shifting
  • Restores ability to chew and eat properly
  • Prevents speaking problems
  • Restores appearance of your smile
  • More durable and easier to manage than dentures

The team at Fresh Dental Care is highly skilled at creating your customized bridge to help you look and feel your best after tooth loss.

What does getting a bridge entail?

At Fresh Dental Care, having a dental bridge requires two or more visits. During the first visit:

  • Anchor teeth are prepared for crowns
  • Impressions are made of anchor teeth
  • A temporary bridge is made and placed

After several weeks, you return to have your new customized bridge placed and secured. Your new crowns are secured, the bridge connected to your anchor teeth, and the entire bridge properly fits into place.

In some cases, your bridge may be temporarily fixed in place in order for your gums and mouth to get used to the new appliance. If this is needed, you return later to have the bridge permanently cemented.

With proper care and regular dental visits, your dental bridge should last for years to come.

For a consultation about your own bridge, call or schedule an appointment online with Fresh Dental Care.

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